Trump the centre of attention as Cruz closes gap


Donald Trump always has a way to capture a headline. It’s a reflex.

Trump calls for Rubio to drop out of race” flashed the 24-hour news channels.

Today it was the Florida Senator in his sights. Previously it’s been a putdown (insert any candidates name pretty much here), an outrageous statement (Muslims/Mexicans/McCain/Megyn Kelly), an endorsement (thank you, Chris Christie).

Mr Trump has had a bad week — facing a full-frontal assault by the Republican establishment and then a poor debate.

He then failed to attend the massive conservative CPAC annual conference — EVERY candidate attended bar him and he was accused of being scared to take a question or face people walk out on him.

CPAC is the brains, the heart and the wallet of the Republican Party (NRA, Right to Life, Tea Party, Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute).

Mr Trump’s attended before, but now he’s running his own race — at the last minute ditching the CPAC speech and question-and-answer session to campaign for a few hours in Kansas.

And so coming up with two from four in Saturday’s contests, the billionaire reflexively knew he had to play the news cycle to his benefit.

Source: www.abc.net.au

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