SUP Women: Gina Bradley | SUP Magazine

A few years ago, Gina Bradley wasn’t so fond of standup paddling. Now, she’s a full blown SUP entrepreneur, and business is booming. Photo: PaddleDiva.com


New York’s Gina Bradley wasn’t so keen on SUP after her first few times paddling. But she kept with it, and before long the windsurf and PADI certification instructor realized the myriad physical and mental benefits of standup paddling. After putting in time to earn her experience, Bradley dove into the SUP scene and established her enterprise, Paddle Diva, a SUP instructional company that doubles as an outfitter for female-specific SUP gear. Now, Bradley splits her time on the water in either of her brand’s two paddling hubs—the Hamptons and Puerto Rico—teaching others the ways of the water. —Shari Coble……..

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