Russian ‘Anti-Globalization’ Movement to Unite Separatists From Western Countries

A self-professed anti-globalization movement that reportedly enjoys Kremlin support is hosting a congress this weekend in Moscow which will unite separatist activists from around the world.

The conference, titled “A dialogue of nations: Peoples’ right to self-determination and the building of a multi-polar world,” will be held Sunday at Moscow’s President Hotel and is apparently intended as a jab at Western governments, as well as a nod to separatist groups outside Russia’s borders.

“The governments of the largest Western states, in a fight for their geopolitical interests, are increasingly disregarding the rights and freedoms of the people living in their countries,” the organizers, the Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia, said in an online statement. “Ordinary people are increasingly thinking about whether they can stop being hostage to the egotistical, sometimes destructive, policies of ruling elites.”

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