Hurricane Maria Live Updates: In Puerto Rico, the Storm ‘Destroyed Us’ – The New York Times

Puerto Ricans are facing the crushing devastation wrought by Hurricane Maria — splintered homes, uprooted trees and floodwaters coursing through streets.

Source: www.nytimes.com

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Puerto Rican astronaut gets double dose of hurricanes – ABC News

Puerto Rican astronaut affected by double hurricanes

Source: www.abcnews.go.com

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Hurricane Maria Slams Puerto Rico’s Arecibo Observatory

Now that the worst of Hurricane Maria has passed, Puerto Rico's Arecibo Observatory is preparing to start surveying the damage.

Source: www.space.com

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Hurricane Maria leaves all of Puerto Rico without power | 6abc.com

All of Puerto Rico was without power by Wednesday afternoon, officials said, just hours after Hurricane Maria made landfall on the island as a Category 4 storm.

Source: www.6abc.com

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10 Songs Sending Love to Puerto Rico in Wake of Hurricane Maria | Billboard


A musical tribute to the island’s beauty and the spirit of its people.

Throughout the years, Puerto Rican artists have continuously paid musical homage to the beauty of their island and the spirit of its people.

Those many songs range from composer Rafael Hernández's classic "Lamento Borincano," a story of the economic struggles of the Puerto Rican farmer, to Marc Anthony's emotional interpretation of Hernandez's "Preciosa."

Source: www.billboard.com

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