Mom Designs Flattering Bikinis for Post-Baby Bodies

“It’s important to love the skin you’re in,” swimsuit designer Altrichia Cook (center) tells Yahoo Parenting. “But realistically, no woman wants to share her stretch marks or C-section scars.” (Photo: Cendino Teme’ Photography).
Altrichia Cook calls the stretch marks from her pregnancy with son Anthony, 9, “abdominal imperfections.” But the scars have changed her life in a pretty perfect way: They inspired the 28-year-old to create a swimsuit line of high-waist silhouettes for mothers, called Allusions by A.Lekay. And in less than two years, her designs have become so popular that they’ve graced the runways of New York and Miami fashion weeks, and became Nicki Minaj’s go-to for the July cover of Cosmopolitan.  

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