Kissimmee officials want to attract Puerto Ricans to medical corridor – Orlando Sentinel


As more Puerto Ricans leave the island in the midst of its financial crisis, Kissimmee city officials are delivering a simple message to them: “We are open for business.”

The city plans to offer economic development incentives to all business owners who set up health-related companies in the city’s medical corridor, officials say.

Commissioner Art Otero and economic development director Belinda Kirkegard recently visited San Juan to ensure locals know about those perks. The city spent an estimated $2,500 to send them to the annual Florida Expo in Puerto Rico, a meeting for residents who want to move to the Sunshine State.

“If you’re expecting people to invest in our city, our community, you have to share, you have to advertise,” said Otero after the trip. “The move for many Americans from the island to the mainland is based on opportunity for sure. Expansion of their business, that is what has been happening.”

Source: www.orlandosentinel.com

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