Hue Jackson’s creativity sparked by his time on Bengals’ defense

CINCINNATI — If he could, Hue Jackson would totally make the “Annexation of Puerto Rico” part of his Cincinnati Bengals‘ playbook.

Actually, who knows? Maybe it is already in there.

“If there’s plays that exist and we don’t have them in the playbook,” Bengals offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth said, “I’d like to hear about them.”

A lot of people would. Given the various unique formations and misdirection plays the Bengals have run lately, it’s clear creativity is a key part of Jackson’s offensive system. According to the second-year coordinator, many of his change-of-pace ideas come from his time coaching on the Bengals’ defense.

“I know what defensive coordinators like and what they don’t like,” Jackson said, referring to his year as one of the Bengals’ secondary coaches.

While we can’t be so sure the Bengals won’t fake a snap to the quarterback only for the center to secretly run downfield with the football like the “Annexation of Puerto Rico” play from the 1990s kid’s movie “Little Giants,” very little that Jackson runs at this point would be a surprise. (The Panthers actually ran a variation of the “Annexation of Puerto Rico” in 2011 against the Texans.)

What do you think?