Go Green Technologies’ Sonical Fuel Device to be Purchased by Fuel Delivery Fleet

OXFORD, Conn., Jan. 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ –Go Green Global Technologies Corp. “Go Green”, (OTC Pink: GOGR), an innovative water and fuel technology company announces that Camioneros Cooperativa de Transporteof Puerto Rico (http://www.camioneroscooppr.com/) has certified the Sonical Fuel device for installation across its fleet of 100 trucks.

 The Cooperative tested the devices as a means to decrease their fuel costs and reduce emissions. Over 5,500 miles and 1,100 gallons of diesel were logged during the six-week trial. The average improvement in fuel economy was more than 10%, while exhaust opacity was visibly reduced. Post-trial results show the test vehicles are maintaining an average of more than 6 MPG compared to their previous average of 5 MPG.

 The devices will be sold through the authorized distributor in Puerto Rico, Go Green Solutions, who managed the trial and financial arrangements with the Cooperative. The Cooperative has calculated a “break even” on the devices of fewer than 8 months based on an installed cost of under $2,000 dollars.

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