Cuba will submit resolution at the UN on Puerto Rico colonial status – ACN

HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 17 (acn) Cuba will again present at the United Nations a draft resolution on the colonial status of Puerto Rico, a gesture ratifying the commitment of Cuba to that sister Caribbean nation.

The document will be submitted to the Special Decolonization Committee on June 22, said multilateral affairs and international law official Juana Elena Ramos, as cited by PL news agency.

The draft resolution reaffirms the inalienable right of the people of Puerto Rico to their self-determination and independence, and it calls on the US government to assume its responsibility in this process so that Puerto Ricans enjoy their rights.

The document also urges Washington to release political prisoner Oscar Lopez, a 71-year-old Puerto Rican independence fighter who has been confined to US prison cell for over 34 years now.

The UN Decolonization Committee has already adopted 33 resolutions and decisions on the issue of Puerto Rico, all submitted by Cuba over the past 15 years.

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