Ceres Sells Forage Sorghum in Puerto Rico

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif., Sept. 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Ceres, Inc. (Nasdaq: CERE), an agricultural biotechnology company, today announced that it has expanded commercial evaluations of its improved forage hybrids in Puerto Rico. Growers and dairies on the island territory have planted multiple, commercial-scale evaluations of Ceres’ seed products in order to diversify their supply of feed and forage.

Milk production is the single largest sector of Puerto Rico’s agricultural economy. Due in part to limits on land and resources, the sector includes highly sophisticated dairy businesses, which optimize supply chains and feed rations to maximize production and efficiency, including locally sourced feed and forage crops.

“Success here can be a good indicator for other markets,” said Walter Nelson, Ceres Vice President of Product Development. He noted that the island is a major testing and production location for seed companies, including Ceres. “Our roll-out here has been customer-driven. When local growers and dairies saw our research results, they expressed interest in evaluating our products for their own commercial use. We are optimistic that mainland dairies will follow suit once they become more familiar with our products.”

The company indicated that the growing conditions on the island provide a useful proving ground for its products under subtropical conditions, which include high heat, humidity and disease pressure. Puerto Rico’s subtropical geography is similar to India, Thailandand Africa where sorghum is commonly grown.

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