Centers for Disease Control said Zika virus is now in Cuba, places travel advisory

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The Zika virus has now spread to Cuba, according to The Washington Post.

and the Centers for Disease Control has placed a travel advisory on the country.

The Washington Post reported yesterday that the CDC warned pregnant women not travel to Cuba.

People that do intend to travel to the country, which is about 90 miles south of Florida, should take measures to protect themselves from mosquito bites. 

Three Alabama residents have already been infected with the virus. The confirmed cases are in Jefferson, Morgan, and Shelby counties. 40 other people in the state have submitted for tests for the virus.

The Zika virus causes mild symptoms in most people that are infected, but pregnant women are at a higher risk because the virus can cause birth defects. The defects include a syndrome that can cause babies to have undersized heads and brains that are not fully developed.

The New York Times reported that Puerto Rico is expected to have an outbreak of the virus as well. 80 percent of the country’s population “will probably get the Zika virus within a year,” according to the newspaper.

Source: www.al.com

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